Happy Holly.

I’ve been completely overwhelmed with the amount of lovely comments and messages regarding my first post. I’ve had mums I’ve not spoken to in years, some from the other side of the world and ones I’m very close with telling me my story has helped them in some way or another.

The sole purpose of that post was that very reason. I know there are hundreds if not thousands of posts very like mines out there, and that’s where I found support at 2am whilst Jack was feeding and I was crying. The words that another mother somewhere in this very large world had typed were my saving grace. Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone in your struggles are enough to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel even if that help is through an iPhone that’s away to die because I can’t move my cluster feeding baby off my boob to reach my charger.

This blog is going to be very honest and real life. Not everything is perfect, there are days when I look at my life and think ‘how did I get so lucky?’ and others when I feel like I’m drowning. That goes for before I became a mum as well which is why I’m going to try and write about everything and anything. Life isn’t all roses and sparkles, its real. So, if this blog can help even just one person by making them laugh, or letting them know there are others out there going through the same things then I’m one happy bunny.

I think my next post is going to be about Jacks colic and silent reflux. I have one serious sleep fighter today so will try get it posted soon.

Lots of love x

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