Baby massage.

Today has been a triumph! Jack and I managed to get out to our first baby class. Baby massage. We have been out the house heaps together but never really had to be somewhere for a certain time like today. If we go out as a family at the weekend it doesn’t really matter if we’re running a bit late to visit family or go shopping does it? As anyone with children know, it’s a mission and a half to get out sometimes. You get them all ready then they poop, then they are hungry and then they poop again and so on. My life consists of more poop and milk than I’d care to admit!

So, usually jacks pretty much like clockwork with his feeds, mostly every 3 and half hours except for at night. So I wasn’t too worried about him kicking off for food, Jack has zero patience (something he got from his Dad) I don’t know why I’m so panicky about him kicking off in public. I’m so worried about people judging me as a mum, hopefully I grow out of that soon! Anyway, this was the one day Jack decided to sleep till 10. Which is great for me but meant his feed would be due right slap bang in the middle of our class. Great. I think he’s going through a growth spurt just now, he’s sleeping a lot better. He went a whole 8 hours last night solid sleep! Clever baby. My good intentions of leaving on time didn’t happen. I ended up leaving the house later than I wanted to (that’s down to me, I’m always late) I wanted to leave early because I didn’t know exactly where we were going, cue me walking round a school playground asking a janitor where to go. Also got caught in the rain. Good old unpredictable Scottish weather.

Anyway we made it in one piece.

How cute are babies by the way? There was a good mix of ages at our class which was nice to see. Lots of smiling and even more crying, this made me relax more if Jack kicked off. It was also nice to meet other mums and hear their stories. I used coconut oil for our massage, it was so interesting to hear how it can actually help. I thought it was just to calm them down but it’s much more than that! It can aid digestion, improve weight gain and improve circulation. So By applying gentle pressure to congested areas in the feet for example, blockages can be released to restore the flow of energy to the whole body which is amazing!

Jack was absolutely loving it, he was looking around smiling and listening to the songs we were singing. I have a lot of nursery rhymes to learn, luckily I got a song sheet home so that’s my homework. There’s a few moves for windy babies I will definitely be using at home, jack struggles with bringing up wind sometimes so hopefully that helps!
Apparently it’s also really good for bonding which never goes a miss. I’m excited to start trying it at home. We have another two sessions over the next few weeks then if we’re really still enjoying it I will look for another block of classes locally to take him too. Now I’ve done the first one I’m no longer nervous about going it alone with him. Does anyone else do baby massage? Did you find it helped your child with certain problems like wind, constipation and colic?

Now I’m sitting at home with a large cup of coffee and a very relaxed sleeping baby. Win win. 

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