Oh so glowy.

I’m a sucker for skincare products. Doesn’t matter how much I have, I always buy more. There’s just so many products out there isn’t there?! And they all seem to claim to do the same thing. We certainly aren’t stuck for choice. I’m not a one brand kinda gal, except for Clinique. That’s my absolute favourite for most of my products but all in all I like to experiment. I see an advert and I have to try (I’m an marketers dream)

Something I’ve always struggled with is finding is a good skin care routine, everything seems to be the same just different brands. I tried many over the years, sticking with the same brand religiously. Now I mix and match, call it a skincare pick and mix. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, I always always always take my makeup off. Before I had Jack it was no matter how drunk I was. I can’t stand waking up with makeup on.

Like I said, Clinique is my favourite. Im obsessed with their dramatically different moisturiser. It’s an absolute dream. You can get it in a lotion or a gel, I use the gel. It’s so lightweight and oil free and it just leaves your skin feeling super smooth, soft and gives you a lovely glow (I have an obsession with glowy skin) I’ve used it for about 6 months now and my skin has never looked better. It also lasts ages, you only need a tiny bit to cover your face and neck. I sound like I work for them (I wish). It ranges from £18-£30. I get the bigger size and it’s worth every penny. I don’t feel like I need to wear makeup during the day anymore (this was a nightmare thought a year or so ago), unless I’m feeling fancy cause let’s face it, makeup does make you feel better sometimes. Also their cleansing sonic brush is godsend, my skin always feels deeply cleansed afterwards. I use this every other day instead of daily though.

Another favourite is La Roche-Posay. In winter my skin gets SO dry, I really have to be careful what I use on my face. They do a brilliant makeup remover milk, one pump on a warm muslin cloth takes all your makeup off without stripping your skin of essential moisture. It’s £12 and again lasts a while! It really helped my skin through the winter months and I will be purchasing a bottle soon to prepare my poor skin for the cold air that’s definitely creeping in!!

This wee gem is from boots botanics range. I love it all. I have more stock than my local boots. My favourite is the all bright collection. Three times a week I use the All Bright purifying face scrub. This is my favourite product out of the entire range. Its £5.49 and they usually have offers on. It buffs away any impurities and dirt and leaves my skin super glowy (winner winner) and soft. I bought this on one of my many unnecessary trips to boots, completely unaware how amazing it was as I chucked it in my basket. I always struggled with exfoliators, I found they would either do absolutely nothing and be a waste of money or scrub the hell out of my poor skin. Resulting in redness and sensitivity. This lovely little scrub is the perfect balance, you can feel it doing its job but it leaves your skin soft and feeling healthy. I’ve also found it’s made my makeup go on a lot easier and stay on.

So that’s a few of my favourites in my large choice of skincare. There’s a few more I love but I’m starting to bore myself so I won’t dive in to them today.

One thing I am actually lacking in the skincare department is a good eye cream, I’m SO bad with my eyes, every night I rub them. I’m going to have the worst wrinkles! I’ve tried eye creams in the past but they have all made my skin sting. If anyone has any recommendations I’d be most grateful.

Lots of love x

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