Sequins, velvet and all things fun.

My name is Holly and I’m an shopping addict.

It’s always the same isn’t it? You either go with lots of pennies in your bank and see nothing, or go just before payday and find everything you could ever want. My biggest guilty pleasure is online shopping. You can just settle down with a nice glass of wine and browse to your hearts content without all the hustle and bustle of actually being in the shops. Its my way of winding down and relaxing. There always seems to be sales aswell, which is super dangerous. I just add heaps of stuff I know I’ll probably never wear in my basket and find myself justifying it. “Of course I’ll wear glitter platforms boots, for £19.99 how can I say no?”.

Lucky for me it’s coming into winter so I actually have an excuse to have a little shop. I love dressing for colder weather. Getting all wrapped up in jackets, hats and scarfs. I think it’s because I’m always cold, I love being cosy. Let’s face it, our summers aren’t exactly warm so on those days where I brave bare legs I always end up freezing! Bring on the layers I say!
I love the trends that come every autumn/winter. Glitter, faux fur, velvet, feathers and everything fun. All those lovely things you see and think that’s perfect for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Pairing a leather look skirt with a furry handbag and glittery socks is my dream. I actually got a really nice furry clutch from Primark a few weeks ago, its different dark blue hues and I just love it. Michael said it reminds him of Sulley from Monsters Inc but he’s cool so I’m happy with that comparison.
Anyway, I’ve complied a few little gems I’ve got my eye on.
Unfortunately I’ve missed these sequin socks on Asos. Hopefully they come back in stock. I just love them, they are exactly what I picture when I think of festive pieces.
I love this playsuit from Topshop. It definitely wouldn’t sit this well on me though, but i might have to go try it on next time I’m in town.
I spotted these babies when I was in Matalan looking at stuff for Jack. I carried them about for ages and decided to leave them, I have a few pairs pretty similar but kinda regret it now.

Can you ever go wrong with just jeans and a super lovely top? This is from Zara. Not sure I’m confident enough with my stomach to wear something like this but I do really like it.

I love the colour of this jumpsuit from Topshop. It’s so beautiful. I think it would be really easy and comfortable to wear aswell.
This bag is by Monki it’s on Asos. I love the colour and the velvet. Perfect for a Christmassy night out.
I bought these trousers from Topshop a while back, they are super comfy and look so nice on. I love florals anyway,  but the darker colours make this a win win for me. I cant wait to have a night out so I can wear them.
Of course, this year will be slightly different with having a five month old over the festive period but it definitely won’t stop me glamming up a bit. My birthday is between Christmas and New Year so that is an even bigger excuse to purchase something sparkly.
Lots of love x

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