Lush blogger event. 20.10.2017

Don’t mind me, I just have a serious long time Lush love affair going on over here. I’m like a sniffer dog, I can always tell when one is close by. I’ve always loved Lush, I love the mixture of products you get and the things they stand for. Cruelty free and ethical packaging is a win win for me. I’m going to share my favourite picks with you all.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Aberdeen Lush blogger event on the 20th of October. I was so excited!! Friday night in my favourite store and a night off from Mum duties! What could be better?!

This was only my second evening away from Jack. It still feels strange, like I’m missing a limb when I’m away from him but I was determined to have a good time. So, I got all glammed up, or as Glam as I could look after having a very fussy possible teething baby all day. (thank god for makeup). I opted for a dress from Zara and my trusty Topshop boots that have seen better days. IMG_4521

I met my fellow new mum pal Keren who is also a blogger and we went to a pub first to have aa few cheeky wines and a catch up, typical all we spoke about was Jack and Eleanor. They are only a few weeks apart so it’s good to have someone else going through the same things!

On arrival at Lush We were welcomed by the lovely staff, there were refreshments and nibbles to help ourselves to (yum). The night was to show off the Christmas and Halloween collections. WOW. So many goodies. So little money. I love Lush anyway but as soon as Christmas comes they really kick it up a notch. So much glitter and yummy smells.

I LOVE Halloween, I had already picked up a few pumpkin themed goodies a few weeks previous so I was familiar with what was on offer but it didn’t stop me turning into a kid in a sweet shop. My favourites from the Halloween collection. I loved the Monsters Ball bath bomb It’s just so cute! The smell is lovely, and just looking at the vibrant colours you just know it will look amazing when its fizzing up in your bath. I was also loving the Bewitched bubble bar anything cat themed already has me sold. The blackberry scent that comes with this bubble bar makes it a winner.

The entire Christmas collection was just beautiful. So much sparkles, everything was just amazing. I really had to hold myself back, I could have spent a small fortune. There were the classics and some new products. I was really impressed with it all. Golden pear soap really stood out for me. It looks amazing and smelt even better! I also really loved the bath melt Tree-D. So pretty and smells like grapefruit and tangerine.




One thing I haven’t really tried in the past is Lush makeup, but it will be a staple in my makeup bag from now on. I was obsessed with the skin tints. I bought feeling younger which is a light reflecting one made with cocoa butter which results in a lovely glow. You can use it over your usual foundation or mix. I love it already.

We were lucky enough to come away with a bag of goodies, this included a naked shower gel (no packaging which is amazing) lip scrub, and bath bombs. I also bought a few things I couldn’t resist, (sorry Mike).


It was a really good evening, I highly recommend getting yourself down to Lush and treating yourself to something. The only problem is deciding what to get!

Lots of love x

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