5 things that are making me happy right now.

Prepare yourselves for a big dose of positive vibes coming your way. I sometimes need to write down things that make me feel good, especially after a long hard day. Happiness spreads happiness, right? So hopefully this brings some your way!

New seasons.

Goodbye long summer days, I do love you, but I am SO ready for the colder darker ones. The kind you can get all wrapped up in blankets, drink countless cups of tea on the sofa and not feel guilty for not leaving the house. Hot water bottles, cosy socks and oversized jumpers are my favourites. Plus it means my birthday is soon arriving and that makes me very happy.

Skin care updates.

With the colder weather comes a new skincare routine. My skin gets super dry in winter, so I need good hydrating products to see me through. My go to for this is La Roche Posay. I love their products, they leave my skin squeaky clean but also super soft and cared for. I have pretty sensitive skin so in the summer I tend to go for the bare minimum so it’s always nice to adapt to a new routine!


His little personality is really starting to shine through. He’s now 3 months and a bit and I’m seeing so many changes every day. His little giggles, constant smiles and facial expressions are the best. Also the fact every morning he’s so happy when he sees our faces. Melts my heart! Plus, he’s now sleeping 7 – 7 which is a massive win win.


I fell off the baking wagon for a while, late pregnancy I was too tired and the smell made me gag. Now the newborn madness has died down I’m absolutely loving it again. I’ve always enjoyed baking, it’s an escape for me. I’m going to start baking much more regularly. Pray for our waistlines.

New wardrobes.

With winter comes an excuse to buy new clothes (yippeeee). Cosy jumpers, thick tights, jackets and hats. All things I love. I have so many new possible goodies saved on Asos and Topshop it’s ridiculous. Sadly I really don’t need as much as I want.

I understand most of these aren’t major, but like they say sometimes it’s the little things that matter! What’s making you happy just now?

Lots of love x

2 thoughts on “5 things that are making me happy right now.

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  1. It’s fall break in Sweden, meaning that there’s no school for a week (it starts again on Monday though). That I haven’t had to think about school has brough me both creativity and productivity which has made me feel sooo good. I’ve been writing, blogging, baking, photographing and all other kinds of stuff that I enjoy. That is making me happy right now 🙂

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