Mustard Moments.

I have a major love going on just now for mustard, the colour that is. I just feel it’s so perfect for autumn, pairs perfectly with the autumnal hues going on outside just now. This obsession I have with mustard isn’t just confined to my wardrobe, I’m all for variety. I love how it’s so in just now it seems to be everywhere!

I’ve been picking up a few bits and pieces and have lots saved in multiple online baskets which I’m going to show you lovely lot.


I got this jumper from Primark a few weeks ago. I think it was about £12? I could be totally wrong though. I bought a size 6 since I have so many oversized jumpers I wanted it to be a bit more fitted. Let’s hope I don’t get too plump over Christmas. It’s super soft and fits really well, looks nice under a pinafore dress, with jeans or tucked into a denim skirt.


** Worst photo quality ever alert ** I bought this scarf which is also from Primark, it was £2.50. Absolute bargain! I love Primark, it’s so cheap and cheerful. Its super thick and huge so it keeps me warm and happy.


See I told you it wouldn’t just be clothes!! I love this. I’m such an old lady at heart. I saw this in the shop and I wish I had just bought it and faced the moans from Mike about the growing number of blankets in the house. Totally worth it. It looks a lot lighter in this photo. From Debenhams and is £25.00.


There’s just no way I’d have the confidence to wear this body just now. Maybe one day, maybe. Nevertheless, I love it. This is from Pretty Little Thing and is £15.00.

IMG_5191 (1)


Lusting after this, what a nice way to bring a pop of colour into a room. It’s on sale as well which is a major plus. This rug is from Wayfair and is £32.99.


Speaking of bringing colour into rooms, sometimes just changing something a small as cushions completely gives you a new feel. I actually already have mustard coloured cushions for our sofa but these covers are a bit darker and they are velvet. Two favourites in one buy! From H&M and are £6.99 each, also I highly recommend  H&M home. SO much lovely stuff and really reasonable prices, I wish Aberdeen would get one big enough to have a home section but it would also be very dangerous for my bank account. Not the best photo but you get the idea.



These trousers are from Zara, and I am head over heels. I reckon you could make them super casual but also dress them up a lot. I think a Zara trip is needed soon to try these on. These are £29.99.


This dress is also from Zara, again I feel it could be causal or dressy. I love the high neck and fit. At £12.99 it’s a bargain as well!


I picked up this skirt from George at Asda! I was just having a nosey while waiting for Mike and spotted it and had to have it. It’s a nice thick material and is A-line style. I should of went down a size as it’s a bit big, but it fits fine enough! I will be pairing it with a black jumper, knitted tights and black boots. Skirt is £14.00. The lighting is shockingly bad in this photo but no matter where or what light I snapped it in I couldn’t catch the colour!

And there you have it, some of my lovely mustard picks. What colour are you loving just now?

Lots of love x

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