Goodbye co-sleeping, hello nursery!

For the past 13 months or so, I’ve either had jack sleeping tightly curled up in my stomach or right next to me in his bedside crib.

The time is looming where he will have to go into his own room. The room I spent so many hours dreaming about whilst pregnant, the room I’ve made sure is perfect and even then there is bits I want to change, the room I’ve sat on the floor crying in a mixture of excitement and disbelief. So why am I dreading it so much??

I worry a lot since having Jack, even more so than before. So I guess that’s a factor, but I really think it’s down to I will miss him. I will miss hearing his little snores and noises when he sleeps. I will miss the fact I can put my hand in and he holds it even whilst he’s sleeping. Will miss knowing he’s right there next to me.

I held onto Jacks Moses basket a lot longer than I needed to. I wanted him to keep having his daytime naps in the living room for my benefit. Even if it meant me creeping around. The day I decided to put him into the cot for daytimes naps was a big one for me, I knew he needed it. No matter how much I creeped and tiptoedbaround I kept waking him and that wasn’t fair.

I was expecting an absolute world of tears, but no. He went down easier than ever before and stayed asleep a lot longer. Result! From then on he has his 3/4 daytime naps in his own room, usually happily enough. He is so much more settled in his cot and is really comfortable with his own room.

I know it’s time to move him through into his room at night, no matter how much we tip toe in using our phones as torches he always stirs, and it’s not fair waking him up every night when we go to bed. He is also far too big for his bedside crib now, pretty much head to toe. During the day he sleeps with his arms spread wide, and he just can’t do that now with us. I know you’re meant to wait 6 months but it’s just not realistic for that to be for every baby. He turns 6 months in two weeks so it’s not that early, still enough for people to judge but you’ll always get a few.

I’m not too worried about Jack during the transition next door, there will likely be a few rough nights but he’s always been a good sleeper. It’s me who will be the problem. I know I’ll stay up all night staring at the camera, making sure he hasn’t rolled into an awkward position.

Hopefully I can be the adult I know I’m meant to be and embrace this new change as the important milestone it is!

I’ll update soon once we get properly into it.

Lots of love x

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