Hair, or a lack off: a postpartum rant.

Let’s talk about postpartum hair. More specifically postpartum hair loss. What a joy, you spend 9 months give or take carrying around a baby in your stomach which is ridiculously hard work. Going through hours of labour, the crazy first few weeks where your body genuinely has no idea if it’s coming or going. You might also turn into a sweaty, leaky sleep deprived being if you’re lucky. Then just when you think you’re getting back to normal, if there is such a thing, your scalp has different ideas.

Postpartum hair loss is something I’d heard of, but oh my god I never knew it could be so intense. My hair was super healthy during pregnancy (thank you estrogen you amazing thing you) and it continued being this way until about 3 and half months postpartum, I stupidly got used to having healthy looking hair. Too many years of straighteners and bleaching haven’t done me any favours! Anyway, I didn’t even get a warning period before the hair loss train arrived. I had a shower and so much hair came out in my hands. Cue sheer and utter panic.

I knew deep down below my panic it wasn’t anything major, and this was a normal common after pregnancy side effect, but I still didn’t expect it to be so bad so suddenly.

I constantly find hairs EVERYWHERE. The hoover is in overdrive, it’s ridiculous. I’ve read some cases are so mild women barely notice it where others are more extreme. I wonder if it all depends on your hair during pregnancy. Super thick and healthy = a lot of loss? Who knows. It doesn’t help jack wraps his tiny little saliva covered hands around my hair all the time. I have it up most days now, he still finds a way to grab it. Usually the short hairs at the back, which is AGONY. I always check there are not hairs wrapped around anywhere they shouldn’t be before someone mentions it.

Washing my hair is when I notice it most. I can’t believe how much comes out. I have so many little tufts around my hair line front and back. It’s a reassuring sign it’s growing back in quickly but not so easy to style. Spikey baby hairs are a trend for 2018 right?…RIGHT?

I’ve been told it’ll all be back to normal by the time Jack turns one. Let’s hope! That seems like a very long time away though when you’re pulling clumps of hair out your drain daily and wondering if you would suit being half bald.

So, this quickie of a blog post is for all the women out there suffering with this. Weeping into their hairbrushes and cutting hair out the hoover like me!

Sending hair growth vibes to you all!

Lots of love x

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  1. OMG, I’m so glad I’m not alone!! It’s scary how much hair comes out in the shower and even throughout the day when I’m not touching it! If it continues until Wills is one, I’m going to be bald!

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