Ziggy and the Lollipop.

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to be sent a copy of “Ziggy and the Lollipop” from Road Safety Scotland. This latest adventure from Ziggy is aimed at nursery aged children so it fitted us perfectly, we also got an adorable Ziggy soft toy which has been a massive hit at bedtime!

If you’re not familiar with Ziggy, he is the main character in a series of books committed to teaching Children road safety in a way that’s fun, engaging and easy to follow.  Each book follows Ziggy from planet Cosmos and his friends on adventures around town as they safely use road and crossing signs to get them to their destination free from any harm!

With Jack now just over 2 I’m really noticing how important road safety is, and the sooner it’s taught the better is my thinking. I’m lucky that his nursery is super when they are out and about, but I really want to keep the conversation and learning going at home and be involved as much as I can.

This book follows Ziggy as he discovers what the local lollipop lady does and how to cross the road safely with her help while on the way to school/nursery with his friends Maggie and Andrew. After a bumpy start where he runs off out of sheer excitement, they manage to arrive safe and even get a cheeky snack after the day is done which I’m sure we can all relate with!

This book is brilliant and very interactive with lots of questions and opportunities for children to get properly involved with the story. The activity ideas at the back are a special touch and great for groups of kids to do together. This will not be our last Ziggy book and I can’t wait to use the stories as tools to teach Jack more and more as he gets older.

To find out more about Ziggy, and to access lots of fun and free learning resources go to https://roadsafety.scot/



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